High-quality nutrients for the cultivation 

of cultured meat.


Wave-based reactor, Serum-free systems, Establishment and expansion of special cell-lines, Contract manufacturing, Tests.

Why PAN-Foodtech

In order to produce high-quality, laboratory-grown cultivated meat, you have to use a cell culture media that is highly efficient and reliable, free of animal substances, inexpensive and suitable for animal cells. These are exactly the challenges we have to face. This is how we do it.


WAVE Reactor &

PANsys 3000


We offer you most recent technology solutions.

PAN-Foodtech, available at any time.





Service / cell processing


PAN-Foodtech offers you a variety of services and tests for your products.

We carry out these contracts as a very fast, inexpensive service with the most recent methods and the highest quality standards.



Made to order


PAN-Foodtech is your CDMO all-in-one partner for the contract manufacturing of sterile or non-sterile cell culture products such as media, serum-free systems, reagents, buffers and much more.



Serum-free solutions


Our scientists are working on media formulations that contain animal-free, cost-effective growth factors for optimal cell expansion and differentiation.

We can offer you a whole range of serum-free products.



Become part of  

the PAN-Community !


As a specialist in the development of cell culture products, the PAN-Foodtech division has to work out tailor-made problem solutions. We can support companies or startups that deal with cultivated meats grown in the laboratory with our production capacities and offer our know-how.

We also offer you our own serum-free formulations that are suitable for cell culture in the food sector.


Together we can help make these products a healthier, more ethical and sustainable alternative to conventional animal protein.

Process from inquiry to first delivery 

In 3-4 weeks to your ready-to-use media

In 3-4 weeks to your media


  Introduction and explanation via zoom
  Confidentiality Agreement
  Transmission of the formulation from you to            PAN-Foodtech
  If required; audit from you at PAN-Foodtech
  Preparation of the audit documents and                    processing with or by PAN-Foodtech
  Final quote
  After confirmation of the offer fixed production       date within 2 weeks after ordering
  Delivery within the QAT

Additional services


  Complete takeover of your SOPs
  Customer-specific filling (bottles, bags,                        containers, filling devices)
  Custom labeling
  Custom packaging
  Drop shipments with customer documents











 You want to completely rely on us in the                    manufacture of your products and trust in the          quality.

  We produce according to strict official guidelines      and are certified multiple times.









Our vision


In cooperation with our sister company PAN-Biotech, PAN-Foodtech attaches great importance to sustainability. In order to further protect our environment, we offer you a free return service for empty PET cell culture bottles. As part of this, we take back bottles from all suppliers and all container sizes in order to return them to the recycling cycle.




Successful together

We are open to all types of cooperation, worldwide. With this common ground, we want to help companies in the food sector to advance their cell culture through innovation. In our laboratory / clean rooms we can develop and produce products together with research teams and also carry out back testing for the products developed. 





Research & Development

Our team with many years of experience in various fields of biotechnology guarantees you, product developments in the field of cell culture, in the food sector, which are based on the requirements of the market and users. We always welcome individual requests. 





Become a part of 

the PAN-Community !


Given the current economic climate, it can pay off for companies to outsource certain areas of production. At the same time, the client benefits from the service provider's know-how. PAN-Foodtech is the only company in Germany to offer you the opportunity to be successful and grow together!

As a sister company of PAN-Biotech, which has been producing and developing nutrient solutions for everything to do with cell culture for Academies, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Food industries in Lower Bavaria since 1988, we can draw on all of this company's resources and they are therefore also available to you.

Contact details

PAN-Foodtech GmbH

Am Gewerbepark 6

D-94501 Aidenbach


Phone.:  +49 08543 6016 - 30

Fax.: +49 08543 6016 - 49